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Apple Enthusiast

Apple Enthusiast is an intelligent news aggregator for fans of Apple products who want all their user-oriented news in one, always-updating website.

Apple Enthusiast uses a process called Intelligent News Search which groups headlines into relevant categories using layers of complex filters. These filters are hand-crafted -- developed and continually updated by human editors -- making our headline results more accurate than typical aggregators designed to be 100 percent automated.

Headlines are shown in descending time order and updated every five minutes. The sites auto-refresh every 15 minutes.

Roll your cursor over a headline for a pop-up article preview. Click the category header arrow to view only that category’s headlines. Use preferences to adjust font size or eliminate the article preview function.

Our Company

The idea behind Apple Enthusiast and Tech Investor News is simple: enthusiasts consume news differently than everyone else. They want it all.  So we built definitive, single-topic news aggregation portals offering superior completeness, specificity and topic relevance. 

Our Intelligent News Search process aggregates a series of categorized news search results from trusted news and blog sources. The clustering of news into relevant categories is more specific and useful to enthusiast and professional audiences than the single-column search results of most news aggregators.

The filters which select news headlines are developed and continually updated by human editors. News sources are also manually chosen based on their reputation and reach. This ongoing editorial input provides an edge pure automation can’t match.

Apple Enthusiast and the Tech Investor News network were founded by Frank Cioffi, a Silicon Valley marketing communications veteran and former journalist, who specializes in technology media and media relations. The company is based in Marin County, California.

Copyright & Legal

This web site is a news search engine which uses software to identify headline content residing on sites owned by the originating organizations. Articles are accessed by direct link to the news source. We assume no responsibility for the content of other web sites you may find by accessing this search site or for the accuracy of articles published, nor should the content displayed be the basis for any financial or investment decision.

The format, editing and filtering of this site are copyrighted by Apple Enthusiast.   News headlines and content available from other sources via this site may be protected by applicable copyright and intellectual property laws. We respect the copyright of news organizations by identifying them clearly and providing a link to their home page, in addition to each headline’s story page.

All trademarks displayed belong to their respective owners. This is an independent publication and has not been authorized, sponsored or approved by any of the companies covered.  The primary shareholder of the company producing this site may, from time to time, own shares in the companies covered herein.