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Apple iPad News

New 9.7-inch iPad With Retina Display Introduced By Apple
TechFresh 2 hours ago

2017: New iPads on deck, but not a business-worthy device in sight
ZDNet Latest News 2 hours ago

Apple Explores Using An iPhone, iPad To Power a Laptop
Slashdot 3 hours ago

Apple explores using an iPhone or iPad to power a laptop
Engadget 8 hours ago

Apple patents a way to transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook
Mashable! 8 hours ago

Comment: Apple’s latest iPad’s killer new feature is its price
9 to 5 Mac 8 hours ago

Apple, Inc.'s New iPad Risks Cannibalizing Pro Models - AAPL 8 hours ago

Apple’s Workflow acquisition is a powerful tool for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
MacDailyNews 9 hours ago

This Apple patent would transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook
Digital Trends 11 hours ago

How to implement Apple's two-factor authentication for security on Mac, iPhone, or iPad
AppleInsider 11 hours ago

Apple tries to save the iPad, but it's too little, too late
ZDNet | Hardware 12 hours ago

Apple's iPhone And iPad Lineup, Ranked By Price
CRN 12 hours ago

Apple patent describes iPhone or iPad docking into MacBook-style dumb terminal
9 to 5 Mac 13 hours ago

Opinion: A spring iPad event now seems unlikely, but that 10.5-inch iPad is probably still real
9 to 5 Mac 13 hours ago

Apple patent application reveals MacBook with iPad as display, MacBook with iPhone as touchpad
MacDailyNews 13 hours ago

iPad Air 2
TechRadar: Technology reviews 14 hours ago

iPhone, iPad users can now automate their lives for free as Apple buys Workflow app
ZDNet Latest News 14 hours ago

How to take a screenshot on an iPad
Digital Trends 15 hours ago

Apple’s upcoming 9.7-inch iPad will arrive “next week” in Apple Store, other retail locations
O'Grady's PowerPage 15 hours ago

Podcast 551: Knocking the Air out of the iPad lineup
Macworld News 15 hours ago

Apple imagines turning an iPhone or iPad into a touchscreen MacBook
The Verge 15 hours ago

2017: New iPads on deck, but not a business-worthy device in sight
ZDNet Latest News 16 hours ago

'Clearance sale' shows the iPad is over. It's done
The Register 17 hours ago

Apple investigating accessory that turns iPhone, iPad into full-fledged touchscreen laptop
AppleInsider 17 hours ago

New iPad Vs iPad Air 2: How Are The Two Apple Tablets Different?
Tech Times 19 hours ago

Comparison: How the new $329 iPad stacks up against the iPad Air 2
9 to 5 Mac 1 day ago

How A Cheap iPad Changes Apple
Mac360 1 day ago

Apple has acquired Workflow, a powerful automation tool for iPad and iPhone
TechCrunch 1 day ago

The New iPad vs. 9.7-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air 2
MacRumors 1 day ago

Notes on Blindness VR (for iPad)
PC Mag: New Product Reviews 1 day ago

Google Maps gets location sharing for Apple's iPhone & iPad
AppleInsider 1 day ago

Newly announced iPad coming 'next week' to Apple stores, other retail establishments
AppleInsider 1 day ago

Apple hopes cheap, not powerful, will turn around iPad sales
Engadget 1 day ago

Geared Up: Apple tweaks iPad lineup, unveils new Clips app, and introduces Red iPhone
GeekWire 1 day ago

The new low-cost iPad is further evidence of Apple’s new approach to pricing
MacDailyNews 1 day ago

Apple Unveils Budget-Friendly iPad, Dresses iPhone in Red
TechNewsWorld 1 day ago

Apple Delivers a New iPad With Less Hype - AAPL 1 day ago

iTunes 12.6 update will let you watch your iTunes movie rentals across your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
Macworld News 1 day ago

Apple’s answer to cheap Chromebook test machines: The new $299 iPad, tailor-made for education
MacDailyNews 1 day ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: Android's best foe to the iPad Pro
The Verge 1 day ago

How Samsung’s New Galaxy Tablet Compares to the iPad Pro
TIME: Top Stories 1 day ago

Logitech Reveals New Education-Focused Accessories For 9.7-Inch iPad
Tech Times 1 day ago

What's Going On With Apple Inc.'s iPad Pro? - AAPL 1 day ago

iOS 10.3 beta hints at more fluid Apple Pencil with next-gen iPad Pro models
AppleInsider 1 day ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: This great iPad Pro competitor is worth $600
VentureBeat 1 day ago

Samsung's New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic
Gizmodo 1 day ago

I tried Samsung’s Android answer to the iPad Pro — here’s what it’s like
Business Insider: Tech 1 day ago

iOS 10.3 betas contain code that support idea of 10.5-inch iPad with faster refresh rates
9 to 5 Mac 1 day ago

Apple unveils new 9.7in iPad, as well as red iPhone 7 Latest updates 1 day ago

Apple announces updated iPad Air, iPad mini units, will go on sale this Friday
O'Grady's PowerPage 1 day ago

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