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iPhone + Touch Software

New Zagg wares shield your Apple Watch 7, iPad mini and iPhone 13
Cult of Mac 2 days ago

WhatsApp rolls out encrypted chat backups on iPhone
Cult of Mac 2 days ago

Apple works to improve the camera focus and stabilization on iPhones, iPads
MacTech 2 days ago

Get your iPhone ready for your new Apple Watch
The iPhone Blog 3 days ago

Carriers turn aggressive with Apple iPhone 13 promotions
MacDailyNews 3 days ago

Florida is the next U.S. state to allow digital driver’s license on iPhone and Apple Watch
MacDailyNews 3 days ago

Is iPhone still cool? Maybe Apple should flip the script
AppleInsider 3 days ago

Apple iPhone takes 75% of the global mobile phone market profit
MacDailyNews 3 days ago

Future iPhones AND Apple Watches could sport a curved display
MacTech 3 days ago

Apple cuts iPhone 13 product output by as many as 10 million units in wake of global chip shortage
O'Grady's PowerPage 3 days ago

Chip Shortage Leads Apple to Slash iPhone Production Target
The Mac Observer 4 days ago

Apple says sideloading apps on iPhone would ‘cripple privacy and security’
Cult of Mac 4 days ago

Analysts shrug off reports of Apple iPhone 13 production cuts, issues
AppleInsider 4 days ago

Apple adds China’s BOE for 6.1-inch iPhone 13 OLEDs
MacDailyNews 4 days ago

Apple adds new supplier for iPhone 13 displays
The iPhone Blog 4 days ago

Apple says sideloading would "cripple" iPhone privacy and security
The iPhone Blog 4 days ago

Apple makes big cuts to iPhone 13 orders amid chip shortages
Cult of Mac 4 days ago

Bloomberg: Apple is cutting iPhone 13 production due to chip shortage
iMore 5 days ago

Apple to cut iPhone production goals by 10 million units due to global chip shortages
MacDailyNews 5 days ago

Apple iPhone 13 supply getting hit by supplier chip shortages
AppleInsider 5 days ago

Google dropping Material Design in iOS to make iPhone apps look more like they should
AppleInsider 5 days ago

When will Apple Watch achieve full independence from the iPhone?
MacDailyNews 5 days ago

Future iPhones and Apple Watches may be (partially) self-cleaning
MacTech 5 days ago

Facebook puts all of its audio features into a new tab in the iPhone app
The iPhone Blog 5 days ago

iOS 15.1 lets you turn off Apple TV keyboard notifications on iPhone again
The iPhone Blog 6 days ago

Time For The Apple Watch to Separate From The iPhone
The Mac Observer 6 days ago

How Apple’s iPhone 13 success could make you richer
MacDailyNews 6 days ago

#ShotOniPhone: Apple focuses on iPhone 13’s new Ultra Wide lens
MacDailyNews 6 days ago

Apple crushes bunch of iPhone bugs with iOS 15.0.2
Cult of Mac 6 days ago

Apple Releases iOS 15.0.2 With Bug Fixes for AirTag and iPhone Wallet
The Mac Observer 6 days ago

For Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup, shipping times are at multiyear highs
MacDailyNews 6 days ago

How to Turn Off iMessage Apps and Stickers on Your iPhone
The Mac Observer 9 days ago

Run iPhone Apps On Your M1 Mac
The Mac Observer 9 days ago

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Calls Out Apple for Promoting Its Services in the iPhone Settings Screen
Slashdot: Apple 9 days ago

Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders, iPhone 13 ProRes, and more on the AppleInsider podcast
AppleInsider 9 days ago

Yet another Apple patent hints at an iPhone with a wraparound display
MacTech 9 days ago

Apple’s flagship 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most sought after new iPhone – survey
MacDailyNews 10 days ago

Today in Apple history: iPhone 4s opens for Siri-ous preorders
Cult of Mac 10 days ago

Apple’s ‘IronHeart’ plan for vehicles uses iPhone to control seats, radio, climate, and more
MacDailyNews 10 days ago

More early details about Apple's folding iPhone revealed
AppleInsider 10 days ago

Apple faces antitrust probe in Japan over iPhone software
The iPhone Blog 10 days ago

EU tells Apple to open up iPhone to Google Pay
Macworld UK 10 days ago

iPhone 13 mini: 3 things to love and hate about Apple’s diminutive 5.4-inch iPhone
MacDailyNews 11 days ago

Analysts see strong iPhone 13 demand ahead of Apple’s Q421 earnings report on October 28th
MacDailyNews 11 days ago

Dubai’s Sheikh Mohammed ordered Apple iPhones of ex-wife and lawyers to be hacked, UK court says
MacDailyNews 11 days ago

Halide camera app improves iPhone 13 Pro macro shots
Cult of Mac 11 days ago

Survey finds Apple fans are ‘not at all’ excited by iPhone 13
Cult of Mac 11 days ago

iPhone 13's A15 chip is even faster than Apple claimed
Macworld UK 11 days ago

Apple Card users get 3% Daily Cash credit for iPhone 13 preorder hiccups
Cult of Mac 11 days ago

Apple's anti-tracking iPhone feature 'functionally useless', claims study
iMore 11 days ago

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