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Conservancy is Hiring: Non-profit Problem Solver

April 26, 2016 Software Freedom Conservancy is looking for a new employee to fill a number of roles within the organization. Conservancy is a nonprofit charity that promotes and improves free and open source software projects. We are home to almost 40 projects, including Git, Samba, Inkscape, QEMU, phpMyAdmin, and Selenium (to name a few). Conservancy is the home of Outreachy, an award winning diversity intiative, and we also work to improve software freedom generally. Our organization is involved in every area of the software freedom community: from handling bookkeeping and accounting; to license analysis, compliance, education, and enforcement; to project and community mentorship; to administration and devops work for and with our member projects; to software development in strategic areas, such as non-profit accounting, where existing free software doesn't do the job yet. We are a growing nonprofit with three full time staff members. We recognize that as a small software freedom nonprofit our needs are unique. We seek a fourth full-time employee who can fill more than one role within the organization. Accordingly, we are able to tailor the position for the right candidate and expect that person to grow and develop along with the organization. This is a full time salaried position with benefits (including health insurance and paid time off), working remotely. Ideally, this employee would be in a timezone congruent with the continental United States. Excellent fluency in English, both oral and written, is required. You must also be extremely details-oriented. This position will pay commensurate with experience, but will be a typical salary for charities in smaller US cities. A laptop running Libreboot and Debian GNU/Linux will be provided. Conservancy employees are never required to use or write non-Free Software as part of their job.

Job description

Our Non-profit problem solver will work in many areas, including some of the following:

  • bookkeeping
  • web design
  • software development
  • writing blogposts and other public materials
  • systems administration
  • software freedom licensing/compliance
  • fundraising
  • administrative
  • human resources
  • public speaking

We want someone who wants to be part of our organization as an integral part of its long-term work culture, helping us to optimize the organizational workflow we currently use -- both with software automation and better logistical planning. Since Conservancy's needs are so varied and great, we will work with you to figure out the set of initial duties that match your current skill set with the idea that there will be room for you to grow into other areas of our work that are of interest over time. All you need to be is smart, curious, open- minded, and dedicated to software freedom. Applications can be submitted via email to Please include a resume or CV, cover letter, short writing sample and/or links to published work online, such as articles, free software contributions, or conference presentation videos. All materials must be in a file format that can be easily viewed with free software, such as a PDF viewable by Evince, Text, or LibreOffice format We are open to candidates of a variety of backgrounds and experience levels. We are uncompromising in our mission and values, and happy to train a high- potential but less experienced candidate.

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