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Steve Jobs

$9.2 billion Zoom's second most powerful shareholder thinks CEO Eric Yuan is like Steve Jobs, but nicer (ZM)
Business Insider: Finance 18 hours ago

∞ Steve Jobs looks up a few words in the dictionary
The Loop 1 day ago

How a top VC went from carrying Steve Jobs' bags during the Apple IPO to betting on companies that can lower costs and make going to the doctor less terrible
Business Insider: Finance 1 day ago

Producer of cancelled Steve Jobs musical sued for $6 million
Cult of Mac 2 days ago

Tim Cook is a Better CEO of Apple Than Steve Jobs
The Mac Observer 2 days ago

New Book Contends That Tim Cook Is A Better CEO Than Steve Jobs Ever Was
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 3 days ago

Like Steve Jobs, Say No to 1000 Things To Find Clarity And Beat Stress
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 4 days ago

Eric Schmidt on Bill Campbell, Steve Jobs, and why every company needs a coach
Quartz 4 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs loses control of the Mac
Cult of Mac 9 days ago

A brief history of Steve Jobs’ automated factory at NeXT [Cook book leftovers]
Cult of Mac 12 days ago

Rare Steve Jobs signed plaque goes up for auction
Cult of Mac 16 days ago

Apple ‘ten years of creativity’ plaque signed by Steve Jobs goes up for auction
9 to 5 Mac 16 days ago

Covering an Apple Event at the Steve Jobs Theater
The Loop 18 days ago

Today in Apple history: Apple is founded by Steve Jobs, Woz and Ron Wayne
Cult of Mac 18 days ago

How Steve Jobs gaslighted journalist about Apple’s TV ambitions
Cult of Mac 22 days ago

∞ A few nuggets from the Steve Jobs Theater’s live stream
The Loop 25 days ago

Apple Event News Hub — live coverage from Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park
9 to 5 Mac 25 days ago

Apple Teases Tomorrow's Special Event With Humorous 'Live Stream' of Steve Jobs Theater
MacRumors 25 days ago

Apple playfully turns on its March 25 event live stream early, showing an empty Steve Jobs Theater
9 to 5 Mac 25 days ago

Steve Jobs was trying to revolutionize TV almost a decade ago --- now we'll find out Apple's plan
CNBC: Top News 26 days ago

Elizabeth Holmes failed to copy Steve Jobs in one critical way
Cult of Mac 28 days ago

Would Steve Jobs like the iPad today?
Quartz 31 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs gets hitched
Cult of Mac 32 days ago

Steve Jobs and the upside down Apple logo
The Loop 37 days ago

It’s show time! Apple confirms March 25 event at Steve Jobs Theater
Cult of Mac 38 days ago

Facebook vs Snapchat is Like Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates
The Mac Observer 39 days ago

Seattle Opera goes beyond Apple to get to the core of Steve Jobs’ complex character
GeekWire 51 days ago

Would Apple be remarkably different if Steve Jobs were still alive?
The Loop 52 days ago

Tim Cook Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs on Apple’s Co-Founder’s 64th Birthday
The Mac Observer 53 days ago

Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs, who would have been 64 today, with touching Apple Park tribute
9 to 5 Mac 54 days ago

Today in Apple history: Happy birthday, Steve Jobs!
Cult of Mac 54 days ago

Today Marks Steve Jobs' 64th Birthday as MacRumors turns 19
MacRumors 54 days ago

GeekWire Calendar Picks: Singing about Steve Jobs, Ignite’s hot topics, and climate science
GeekWire 56 days ago

Jean-Louis Gassée tells the tale of Be vs. NeXT, and Steve Jobs’ return
The Loop 57 days ago

Rap t-shirt designer gives Steve Jobs the hip-hop fashion treatment
Cult of Mac 58 days ago

9 iconic work uniforms, from Steve Jobs' black turtleneck to Karl Lagerfeld's sunglasses and 1,000 white, high-collared shirts
Business Insider: Finance 58 days ago

3 Crucial Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki About Leadership And Communication
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 58 days ago

Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell's 1991 wedding took place in the same hotel that inspired the set of 'The Shining' — here's a look inside the remote resort
Business Insider: Finance 59 days ago

Today in Apple history: Mac creator complains about Steve Jobs
Cult of Mac 59 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is finally debt-free
Cult of Mac 60 days ago

Turning Steve Jobs’ life into opera: Balancing man, myth and the technology that changed everything
GeekWire 61 days ago

Today in Apple history: Young Steve Jobs appears on Time cover
Cult of Mac 63 days ago

Imagine that Steve Jobs were designing our next-generation rifle, US Army tells contractors
9 to 5 Mac 64 days ago

Rumor: Apple to hold special event at Steve Jobs Theater on March 25th
O'Grady's PowerPage 64 days ago

Apple reportedly holding special Services-focused event at Steve Jobs Theater on March 25th
9 to 5 Mac 65 days ago

Do The Weird Coping Rituals Of CEOs Like Steve Jobs Really Work?
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 66 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs wins posthumous Grammy
Cult of Mac 66 days ago

“The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs” wins Grammy for best opera recording
The Loop 66 days ago

Steve Jobs opera triumphs with classical music Grammy
Cult of Mac 67 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ NeXT quits making computers
Cult of Mac 69 days ago

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