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Steve Jobs

Alan Kay talks about meeting Steve Jobs and the 2007 iPhone keynote
The Loop 9 days ago

Steve Jobs had to convince Tim Cook to join Apple in 1998 — here’s how he did it
The Loop 11 days ago

This is the advice Apple CEO Tim Cook would give his younger self --- and it came from Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 15 days ago

Entrepreneur who started Odwalla with $200 shares the best business advice he got from Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 16 days ago

Jony Ive talks design, creativity, and Steve Jobs in interview with Naomi Campbell
AppleInsider 19 days ago

Tim Cook moves on from Steve Jobs' hatred of porn on the iPhone: 'I’m not making fun of it' (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 23 days ago

Steve Jobs warned about privacy issues in 2010. Mark Zuckerberg was in the audience
CNN/Money 25 days ago

Steve Jobs Tried To Warn Mark Zuckerberg About Privacy In 2010
Slashdot 27 days ago

∞ Steve Jobs on privacy at the D8 Conference
The Loop 27 days ago

Steve Jobs wasn't just a design and marketing genius — he had a hidden talent for logistics too, says a former Apple exec (AAPL, MSFT)
Business Insider: Tech 27 days ago

Dropbox CEO talks about how he went from rejecting Steve Jobs to an $11 billion IPO (DBX)
Business Insider: Tech 29 days ago

Billionaire Larry Ellison is teaming up with Steve Jobs' former doctor to launch a mysterious wellness company on his private island
Business Insider: Tech 30 days ago

Steve Jobs on education
The Loop 31 days ago

Apple founder Steve Jobs' 1973 job application sells for $242k
New Zealand Herald - Apple 34 days ago

Steve Jobs' 1973 job application fetches $174,000 at auction
CNBC: Top News 36 days ago

Steve Jobs job application sells for over $174,000 at auction
AppleInsider 36 days ago

Steve Jobs Employment Questionnaire Sold for $174,757 at Auction
MacRumors 36 days ago

Steve Jobs signed employment application nets over 3x estimated pre-auction value of $50,000
9 to 5 Mac 36 days ago

Steve Jobs' 1973 job application sells for over $174K - CNET
CNET 36 days ago

Lisa Brennan-Jobs to publish coming-of-age memoir 'Small Fry' about life with father Steve Jobs
AppleInsider 36 days ago

The daughter that Steve Jobs once disavowed is writing a memoir about her childhood (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 36 days ago

Lisa Brennan-Jobs to Publish Memoir of Her Childhood With Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan
MacRumors 36 days ago

“A frank, smart and captivating memoir by the daughter of Apple founder Steve Jobs”
The Loop 36 days ago

The 3 traits Elon Musk, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs have in common
CNBC: Top News 40 days ago

Read a job application from Steve Jobs from 3 years before he cofounded Apple (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 42 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Oscars ad has a tinge of Steve Jobs about it - CNET
CNET 49 days ago

Meet Eve Jobs, Steve Jobs' impressive 19-year-old daughter
CNBC: Top News 53 days ago

Apple founder Steve Jobs' 1973 job application going on sale
New Zealand Herald - Technology 55 days ago

The rise of Dropbox CEO Drew Houston, who is taking his $10 billion company public years after Steve Jobs said he would destroy it
Business Insider: Finance 56 days ago

Tim Cook publicly commemorates the 63rd birthday of Steve Jobs with a Tweet
AppleInsider 56 days ago

Tim Cook shares remembrance of Steve Jobs, who would have been 63 today
9 to 5 Mac 56 days ago

Happy Birthday to Steve Jobs and MacRumors
MacRumors 56 days ago

Steve Jobs signed items up for auction
The Loop 57 days ago

Steve Jobs--- pre-Apple job application details how he always wanted to get into tech
CNBC: Top News 57 days ago

Steve Jobs pre-Apple CV goes on sale for $50,000 despite being littered with errors
The Independent - Tech 57 days ago

Steve Jobs' pre-Apple job application could fetch $50,000 at auction
Reuters: Company News 58 days ago

Employment Questionnaire and Two Signatures From Steve Jobs Going Up for Auction
MacRumors 58 days ago

Steve Jobs signed Mac OS X manual, employment application, and more up for auction, may net up to $50,000
9 to 5 Mac 58 days ago

Three autographs by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs going up for auction March 8
AppleInsider 60 days ago

Quotes Of The Week: Dwight Eisenhower, Steve Jobs And Others
Investor's Business Daily - Business 68 days ago

Steve Jobs, the birth of iPad, and a first taste of “insanely great”
The Loop 82 days ago