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Steve Jobs

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs returns to work after liver transplant
Cult of Mac 4 days ago

Steve Jobs and Emotional Intelligence
The Mac Observer 5 days ago

Tim Cook and Steve Jobs agree: 'Time is limited, so don't waste it' on this
CNBC: Top News 9 days ago

Tim Cook learned the 'visceral difference between preparation and readiness' after taking over Apple for Steve Jobs, and it's life advice everyone should hear
Business Insider: Finance 9 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa is born
Cult of Mac 9 days ago

Tim Cook Talks Privacy, Steve Jobs, and the 'Difference Between Preparation and Readiness' in Stanford Commencement Address
MacRumors 10 days ago

Tim Cook delivers Stanford commencement speech, talks Steve Jobs, privacy, more [Video]
9 to 5 Mac 10 days ago

Comment: iCloud has finally delivered on Steve Jobs’ original promise from 2011
9 to 5 Mac 10 days ago

Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs' widow, and Britain's fallen star investor reportedly backed a startup betting on 'cold fusion' — an idea scientists scoff at
Business Insider: Finance 12 days ago

∞ Steve Jobs talks Apple’s DNA
The Loop 13 days ago

A look back at how Steve Jobs turned the music industry upside down
The Loop 19 days ago

Apple's former CEO shares the secret to success that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates taught him
CNBC: Top News 20 days ago

Apple's New Mac Pro Is The Mac Of Steve Jobs' Dreams 22 days ago

How Steve Jobs Scores On The Wedgwood Innovation Scale
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 23 days ago

Steve Jobs didn’t want the ‘Get a Mac’ ads to be too funny
Cult of Mac 29 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs says Apple is being run by ‘caretakers’
Cult of Mac 30 days ago

‘I’m a Mac’ star Justin Long says he filmed 300 ads for Apple, but Steve Jobs rejected most of them
9 to 5 Mac 31 days ago

Former Apple CEO reveals the skill that made Steve Jobs 'brilliant'
CNBC: Top News 31 days ago

Steve Jobs’ doodles reveal preoccupation with IBM
Cult of Mac 34 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs attempts a boardroom coup
Cult of Mac 34 days ago

Commencement Addresses Reveal Steve Jobs and Tim Cook Are More Similar Than You Might Think
The Mac Observer 35 days ago

Steve Jobs almost launched Apple Card in 2004
iMore 37 days ago

Steve Jobs first proposed an Apple credit card in 2004
Cult of Mac 37 days ago

Former Apple ad exec says Steve Jobs wanted to launch an Apple credit card in 2004, customers earned ‘iPoints’
9 to 5 Mac 37 days ago

Apple Park Opens With Tribute to Steve Jobs and Lady Gaga Show
The Mac Observer 37 days ago

Photos: Apple holds Apple Park opening ceremony and tribute to Steve Jobs
9 to 5 Mac 39 days ago

Apple Park Decorated With Rainbow Colors in Celebration of Steve Jobs and Formal Opening of Campus
MacRumors 40 days ago

How I.M. Pei helped shape Apple — and Steve Jobs’ design tastes
Cult of Mac 40 days ago

Want to live near Steve Jobs’ house? It’ll cost you
Cult of Mac 41 days ago

Quotes Of The Week: Steve Jobs, John Dewey And Others 42 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs spells out a new strategy for Mac OS
Cult of Mac 46 days ago

Mysterious Apple Park Arch is for a May 17 Event Celebrating Steve Jobs and Formal Apple Park Opening
MacRumors 48 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs shows off the colorful iMac G3
Cult of Mac 51 days ago

Last iPad unveiled by Steve Jobs now consigned to Apple's 'obsolete' list
ZDNet Latest News 55 days ago

Eric Schmidt reveals the best wisdom he got from ultimate Silicon Valley CEO coach Bill Campbell, who worked with Steve Jobs, Sheryl Sandberg, and other star executives
Business Insider: Finance 57 days ago

I finally found a Steve Jobs plush! He goes perfectly with my 1st Gen iPod.
The Loop 63 days ago

Steve Jobs part of sculpture series with dark view of tech’s titans
Cult of Mac 64 days ago

Here’s what everyone gets wrong about this famous Steve Jobs quote, according to Lyft’s design boss
Business Insider: Finance 68 days ago

$9.2 billion Zoom's second most powerful shareholder thinks CEO Eric Yuan is like Steve Jobs, but nicer (ZM)
Business Insider: Finance 69 days ago

∞ Steve Jobs looks up a few words in the dictionary
The Loop 69 days ago

How a top VC went from carrying Steve Jobs' bags during the Apple IPO to betting on companies that can lower costs and make going to the doctor less terrible
Business Insider: Finance 69 days ago

Producer of cancelled Steve Jobs musical sued for $6 million
Cult of Mac 70 days ago

Tim Cook is a Better CEO of Apple Than Steve Jobs
The Mac Observer 70 days ago

New Book Contends That Tim Cook Is A Better CEO Than Steve Jobs Ever Was
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 71 days ago

Like Steve Jobs, Say No to 1000 Things To Find Clarity And Beat Stress
Forbes: Entrepreneurs 72 days ago

Eric Schmidt on Bill Campbell, Steve Jobs, and why every company needs a coach
Quartz 73 days ago

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs loses control of the Mac
Cult of Mac 77 days ago

A brief history of Steve Jobs’ automated factory at NeXT [Cook book leftovers]
Cult of Mac 80 days ago

Rare Steve Jobs signed plaque goes up for auction
Cult of Mac 84 days ago

Apple ‘ten years of creativity’ plaque signed by Steve Jobs goes up for auction
9 to 5 Mac 85 days ago

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