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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biographer says Travis Kalanick comeback at Uber is possible --- 'I've seen this movie before'
CNBC: Top News 19 hours ago

Could Travis Kalanick be like Steve Jobs, and run Uber once again? - Tech 20 hours ago

Uber's Travis Kalanick isn't the only one---why Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey and other founders were ousted
CNBC: Top News 1 day ago

Steve Jobs was driven to create iPhone by obnoxious Microsoft guy with stylus
ZDNet Latest News 2 days ago

The iPhone originally happened because Steve Jobs hated a guy worked at Microsoft (AAPL, MSFT)
Business Insider: Tech 2 days ago

Apple began "Project Purple" because Steve Jobs hated Microsoft exec, says Scott Forstall
AppleInsider 3 days ago

The ex-Apple exec behind iOS tells the story of the time Steve Jobs saved his life (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 3 days ago

iPhone: Apple founder Steve Jobs had very different plans for company's iconic smartphone, new book reveals
The Independent - Tech 4 days ago

Steve Jobs Wanted the First iPhone To Have a Permanent Back Button Like Android
Slashdot 4 days ago

Steve Jobs proves even the smartest executives need help making decisions
CNBC: Top News 5 days ago

Tim Cook on Donald Trump, the HomePod, and the Legacy of Steve Jobs
Insanely Great Mac 8 days ago

Tim Cook talks Steve Jobs as Apple’s ‘Constitution,’ HomePod, AR, taxes, Trump, innovation & more
9 to 5 Mac 9 days ago

'You either got Chill Steve or Very Mean Steve': Dropbox founder remembers being summoned to Apple by Steve Jobs — then told his startup would be killed
Business Insider: Tech 9 days ago

The No. 1 thing the co-inventor of the ethernet learned from his mentor, Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 10 days ago

Dropbox founder reveals how he built a $10 billion company in his 20s — even though Steve Jobs told him Apple would destroy it
Business Insider: Tech 11 days ago

Here's what happened when Steve Jobs called to buy this founder's start-up
CNBC: Top News 14 days ago

LeBron James made the Cavs watch an inspirational Steve Jobs speech before their epic comeback in the 2016 NBA Finals
Business Insider: Tech 16 days ago

I miss Steve Jobs and his 'Reality Distortion Field'
ZDNet Latest News 18 days ago

Apple's product design has slipped since Steve Jobs, says investor and early employee
CNBC: Top News 18 days ago

The strange love-hate relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs (AAPL, MSFT)
Business Insider: Tech 20 days ago

Apple's senior arborist reveals Steve Jobs wanted Apple Park to recreate old Silicon Valley landscape
AppleInsider 21 days ago

Apple Park's Senior Arborist Recalls Meeting Steve Jobs, Sourcing 9K Trees Over 7 Years
MacRumors Page 2 22 days ago

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were both surprisingly sensitive to criticism
Business Insider: Tech 22 days ago

Latest Apple Park drone tour provides our first peek inside the Steve Jobs Theater [Video]
9 to 5 Mac 24 days ago

4 keys to launching a successful business, according to this founder who sold Siri to Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 30 days ago

Analysts say Apple’s reality distortion field wearing off in China as iPhone sales drop 20%
9 to 5 Mac 31 days ago

'Steve Jobs hype is over': Rare Apple 1 only fetches $130,000 at auction
ZDNet Latest News 33 days ago

Graduation speeches by Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling are the most spectacular, say experts
CNBC: Top News 33 days ago

Jeff Goldblum says Steve Jobs asked him to be the voice of Apple, ‘didn’t know it was Steve’ [Videos]
9 to 5 Mac 38 days ago

Steve Jobs Once Asked Jeff Goldblum to Be 'the Voice of Apple'
MacRumors Page 2 38 days ago

Steve Jobs wanted Jeff Goldblum to be 'voice of Apple'
AppleInsider 38 days ago

Some personal photos of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, many others
The Loop 38 days ago

Apple Park toured, execs reminisce about Steve Jobs's devotion to and vision of the project
AppleInsider 38 days ago

Comment: Seven years on from Steve Jobs’ ‘Thoughts on Flash,’ it’s time for this protocol to die
9 to 5 Mac 43 days ago

Tim Cook finds growth by doubling Apple’s products and moving away from Steve Jobs’ minimalist strategy
Financial Post | Tech Desk 43 days ago

Steve Jobs Opera Coming to California and Washington After Santa Fe Premiere in July
MacRumors Page 2 44 days ago

How to write a great cold email, from someone who got a reply from Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 44 days ago

Seattle Opera gives boost to opera about Steve Jobs
Seattle Times: Personal Technology 45 days ago

New backers lure Steve Jobs opera to Seattle, San Francisco
abc7news: San Francisco 45 days ago

Apple is no longer the most innovative of companies, Steve Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson says
CNBC: Top News 45 days ago

New backers lure Steve Jobs opera to Seattle, San Francisco
SacBee: Technology 45 days ago

New backers lure Steve Jobs opera to Seattle, San Francisco
Seattle Post-Intelligencer: High-Tech 45 days ago

CEO of a $3 billion company shares leadership lessons learned from Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 45 days ago

As Apple gets pressured to make deal, an analyst reminds them of Steve Jobs' words
CNBC: Top News 46 days ago

Apple is making good on Steve Jobs' vision for services
BostonHerald - Technology 54 days ago

Steve Wozniak tells us one of his favorite stories about Steve Jobs
Business Insider: Tech 60 days ago

∞ Video of Steve Jobs’ 2006 visit to the Cupertino City Council
The Loop 60 days ago

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs' brilliant trick to inspire employees to achieve the impossible
CNBC: Top News 64 days ago

Buyer's Remorse: Investor Wants China's Steve Jobs to Step Aside WSJD 64 days ago

∞ 1981 Nightline interview with Steve Jobs
The Loop 65 days ago

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